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Anna Friel blasts reports she starved for two months to slim

Feb 04, 2014 | 9:52am EST

British actress Anna Friel is still furious after she was linked to an extreme slimming regime, insisting she did not undergo the drastic liquid-only diet. The Pushing Daisies star was last year (13) reported to have taken part in the Master Cleanse, a weight-loss program which involves consuming 12 cups of sugary water a day. It was suggested Friel stuck to the extreme regime for two months, but the British actress has blasted the speculation, insisting it is irresponsible to send out a message that such drastic diets are a good idea. Friel is convinced the story surfaced after she visited a health spa with her actor boyfriend Rhys Ifans, but insists they did not tackle a Master Cleanse. She tells the U.K.'s InStyle magazine, "Can you imagine not eating for two months? Rhys and I went to a spa, we wanted to be healthy and we were given this amazing maple syrup thing with lemon for two days. I even broke that because I was so starving. But according to the press it went from two days to two months. What kind of example does that set for young girls? I was really p**sed off about that."

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