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Jamie Lee Curtis developing film about gay baseball player Glenn Burke

Mar 03, 2014 | 2:13pm EST

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is developing a film based on the life of gay 1970s baseball player Glenn Burke. The Halloween star has teamed up with Lost in Translation producer Ross Katz to develop the movie, which will detail Burke's time as an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics in the '70s, when he opened up about his sexuality to his teammates and management officials. Katz will also write the script for Out At Home: The Glenn Burke Story, which will be based on the late sportsman's own memoir, according to Curtis says, "With (openly gay college football player) Michael Sam's brave and bold statement, he joins the Trifecta of American sports, Glenn Burke - MLB (Major League Baseball), Jason Collins - NBA (National Basketball Association), Michael Sam - NFL (National Football League), dealing with gay athletes, and forcing open the door permanently. Our film will clearly honour the force and the struggle to get there." Sam, who is currently a star defensive lineman for the University of Missouri, 'came out' as a gay man last month (Feb14). He is one of the standout college players who experts predict has a very high chance of becoming a pro if drafted into the NFL in May (14). Burke passed away in 1995.

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