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James Blunt helps sister set up a tuk tuk business

Apr 24, 2014 | 4:38am EDT

British singer James Blunt inspired his sister to set up a money-making business by buying her a motorised rickshaw. The You're Beautiful hitmaker purchased a 'tuk tuk' from Thailand to help him travel around his luxury estate on the Spanish island of Ibiza. He has since bought his sister one of the high-speed carts, which are popular in Asia, and she has now started a business by renting it out for weddings. Blunt tells Australia's Herald Sun newspaper, "It was my pop star moment. They're f**king brilliant. I got one for my sister. She rents them out for weddings now." The singer also joked about setting up a taxi business with his own vehicle, adding, "I've got a taxi sign on mine, I pick people up in my tuk tuk in Ibiza. I'm being deadly serious. I would hope to think I'm quite a good driver. It does 70 miles per hour, which is fast for a three-wheeled vehicle with no protection. They say 'Aren't you the guy that sings that song?' and I go 'Yep, that'll be five Euros.'"

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