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Ariana Grande scarred by demonic encounter

May 06, 2014 | 9:26am EDT

Pop star Ariana Grande has been scarred for life after a spooky experience at one of the world's most famous cemeteries. The singer/actress is adamant she had a run-in with an evil demon during the terrifying trip in Kansas, and she even met with a medium afterwards to help understand the ghoulish encounter. Speaking to Australian Radio host Kent 'Smallzy' Small on Nova FM, she explains: "I had a really terrible experience in Kansas City and I encountered what everybody thought was a demon and I spoke to a medium about it and it was really crazy and scary and I hate talking about it because it was terrifying. "I went to a cemetery... which is famously known as one of the seven gates to Hell on this Earth because I was interested in it and I wanted to check it out and check for trouble and I got it." The Stull cemetery in Kansas has been at the centre of claims it is a gateway to Hell, with police cracking down on trespassers breaking into the site in a bid to discover if the urban myths are true.

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