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Game of Thrones author thrilled his books helped fan find missing girl

May 14, 2014 | 11:48am EDT

Game Of Thrones author George R.r. Martin's books and the TV drama inspired by them are doing good in the world - a fan helped find a missing Russian girl recently by using crow knowledge he picked up from the fantasy saga. The writer was thrilled to learn a massive search for a missing three year old came to a positive conclusion when a fan found her. He explains, "They had like 400 policemen and 30 dogs and armies of people searching for this three-year-old girl, who had gone missing for two days, and they couldn't find her and this Game of Thrones fan said, 'Hey, there's a bunch of crows; I wonder why they're all gathering there...' and he went and found the girl. "Of course the crows were really not trying to be helpful; they were sort of waiting for her to die, so they could peck out her eyes." Crows feature heavily in Martin's books and the TV series.

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