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Patrick Carney felt sorry for Jack White over leaked email

May 21, 2014 | 8:59am EDT

The Black Keys star Patrick Carney has defended rock rival Jack White over his leaked email shame, insisting the former The White Stripes star did not deserve to have his private thoughts laid bare in public. Carney and his bandmate Dan Auerbach have long been at loggerheads with White after he accused them of copying his musical style and band name for their duo. Last year (13), an email from White to his ex-wife Karen Elson - sent in the midst of the former couple's custody battle - was leaked to editors of a news website, who reported White told Elson he did not want their children attending the same school as Auerbach's kids and branded his rival an "a**hole". Now drummer Carney has responded to the incident, admitting White "sounds like an a**hole" in the email but has been treated unfairly and did not deserve to have his private remarks aired in public. Carney tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I actually feel embarassed (sic) for him... I don't hold grudges, man. I really don't. We've all said f**ked up s**t in private, and divorce is hard... "I really think personal things are personal things... Everybody should be scrutinised? I don't believe that. I think that if you come off with a strong platform or moral agenda, then, yeah, maybe you should be scrutinised if there's a conflict there. Like, if you're a TV evangelist who's doing something awful. But you're a f**king rock musician, you're a f**king actor, you're a f**king model or whatever. It's your job, you know what I mean? No one's doing anything illegal, it's just that people are living lives that get complicated."

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