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Bob Hoskins' daughter writes Father's Day tribute

Jun 16, 2014 | 8:39am EDT

Bob Hoskins' daughter marked Father's Day on Sunday (15Jun14) by writing an emotional tribute to her late father. The Who Framed Roger Rabbit actor passed away in April (14) at the age of 71, prompting an outpouring of grief among his fans and fellow stars. Hoskins' actress daughter Rosa has now shared her sadness in the aftermath of her dad's death by writing a moving tribute to the veteran star in honour of Father's Day. In an article for Britain's Style magazine, she writes, "Father's Day was never particularly special in the Hoskins household. Dad didn't believe in token Hallmark (card company) holidays... In fact, he had no interest in celebrating himself or his achievements... "Dad was never... dazzled by fame or superficial glamour - to use his words, 'It's all cobblers!' Despite his success, what he cherished most was spending time with us at home. Make no mistake, he loved his job and relished every role... He loved his job, but he loved us more." Rosa goes on to explain how Hoskins' family gathered around him in the final few weeks before his death from pneumonia. She adds, "During his final months, I was with him every day. I sat next to him and put my hand in his... Although our long goodbye was pain like I've never known, we had the opportunity to express pure love. His last words to me were, 'You are the most beautiful girl in the world, I love you so much.'" Hoskins was also father to another daughter, Sarah, and two sons, Alex and Jack.

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