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Max Boyce recovering from heart surgery

Jun 22, 2014 | 10:01am EDT

Beloved Welsh singer/comedian Max Boyce is recovering after undergoing a quadruple heart bypass. Boyce was diagnosed with a heart condition and went under the knife last week (ends20Jun14), according to His wife Jean says, "It's all been a bit of a shock really. Max has not been feeling himself for a few months, he wasn't in any pain but was clearly not well and when we took him to the doctor it all happened very quickly. "He's had a quadruple bypass, which sounds quite scary but he's already feeling a lot better and we're just taking it day by day." Boyce has cancelled his 13-date tour this autumn (14) to focus on his recovery. His manager,Stuart Littlewood, says, "I expect he will be back in action in the spring of next year."

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