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Pras Michel makes it to court after World Cup blunder

Jul 25, 2014 | 5:41am EDT

Former Fugees star Pras Michel revived his child support battle in New York City on Thursday (24Jul14) just weeks after he was scolded by a magistrate for skipping a previous hearing to reportedly attend the soccer World Cup in Brazil. The musician-turned-film producer hit headlines last month (Jun14) when he missed a court hearing in Manhattan because he was reportedly out of the country on a trip to the sporting event. He was ordered back to court on Thursday, and the star showed up to face his former girlfriend Angela Severiano, who is seeking a raise in her child support payments. During the hearing, Severiano told the court Michel's four-year-old son Landon is living in a cramped studio apartment while his father is away enjoying a life of luxury, according to the New York Post. She is seeking more money from the star to cover school fees and a move to a larger home. Michel is scheduled to testify in September (14).

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