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Hogg hands parents his awards

Jun 27, 2010 | 3:30pm EDT

The 30 year old, who had bit parts in Nicholas Nickleby and Alfie, is fast becoming the darling of the festival circuit, winning acting honours at Berlin Film Festival, European Film Festival, British Indie Film Awards and Mumbai Film Festival for acclaimed new movie White Lightnin'.

But you'll find none of the prizes dotted around his own home.

He tells WENN, "The award from the Mumbai Film Festival, I gave to my old drama teacher because of the support in my career.

"I gave my mum and dad my Berlin Shooting Stars and the award I won in Cannes about three weeks ago, which was called Male Revelation of the Year - which made me sound like a porn star!

"I'd much rather they (parents) have them because they appreciate them."

But Hogg has started a collection of keepsakes from his movies after completing Anonymous with director Roland Emmerich.

He adds, "I've got the back of the director's chair that has my name on it. It was the first time I'd ever had a chair with my name on it."

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