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Not another Sony marketing flub!

Aug 24, 2001 | 2:16pm EDT

Sony Pictures Corporation, still reeling from the pasting it took for printing phony raves in its ads from a non-existent critic, has been forced to pull an R-rated trailer from the Internet because it violated rules of the Motion Picture Association of America. The trailer, for the upcoming Not Another Teen Movie, reportedly contains partial nudity and verboten language. Moreover, the MPAA prohibits trailers for all R-rated films on the Internet without specific authorization. (They can only be shown in theaters exhibiting R-rated features.) The Los Angeles Times quoted a Sony spokesman as saying that the studio wasn't aware of the MPAA regulations. MPAA chief Jack Valenti told today's Wall Street Journal that he thought the incident represented an honest mistake by "someone deep in the bowels of the marketing department at Sony."

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