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"Reservoir Dogs" dolls anger Aussie kids groups

Sep 02, 2001 | 6:01am EDT

A line of collectible action figures issued to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino's violent Reservoir Dogs has sparked an uproar in Australia between children's advocacy groups and toy retailers, Melbourne's The Age newspaper reported today (Thursday). One of the dolls ("Mr. Blonde," played by Michael Madsen in the movie) holds a razor he uses to cut off the ear of another character in the movie. That action figure ("Marvin Nash," played by Kirk Baltz) has a detachable ear. "We are shocked and horrified at violent toys like this being put out onto the market," Barbara Romeril, executive director of Community Child Care in the state of Victoria, told The Age. But the owner of a Melbourne shop, Comics 'R' Us, observed that the expensive ($80.00) set carries a notice that they are recommended for "mature collectors." A similar controversy arose in the U.S. two years ago when an underwear-clad Austin Powers doll that asked "Do I make you horny, baby? Do I?" found its way into Toys 'R' Us stores. The manufacturer said it was intended for record stores and novelty shops and shouldn't have been shipped to toy stores.

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