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Griffin remains defiant over New Year show

Dec 31, 2010 | 4:00am EST

The funnywoman ended 2009 on a low after she was forced to hand back her paycheque for swearing on air while presenting CNN's New Year's Eve Special with Anderson Cooper.

She has been given a chance to redeem herself on the 2010 show on Friday night (31Dec10), but Griffin is adamant she can't be tamed by the TV network's long list of rules and regulations.

She tells the Hollywood Reporter, "There's no regret (about last year's show) I only want to go further. This year in my contract, in addition to the stipulation that I have to give my money back if I swear, they also say they are just going to literally pull me (off air). I have a list of words I should have looked at in my contract, but I didn't. I don't think it's changed much since the George Carlin routine. I haven't technically read it. I don't consider it to be binding, I'm an artist.

"If CNN dares to pull me live, I'll be walking right over to New Year's Rockin' Eve to give Dick Clark a lap dance. It's up to you America."

And Griffin jokes that if she gets too cold during the outdoor broadcast in New York, she might just utter a curse so she can go inside and warm up, adding: "It's really cold on the riser... Sometimes in commercial breaks I just cry and Anderson rocks me. I might get fired just to keep myself warm this year."

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