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Fry cancels Japan visit over bomb jokes

Feb 04, 2011 | 4:00am EST

The actor/comedian came under fire for making a number of gags about survivor Tsutomu Yamaguchi during an episode of his comedy quiz show QI, which was broadcast in the U.K. in December (10).

Fry called Yamaguchi "the unluckiest man in the world" for escaping the 1945 Hiroshima bombing with minor injuries and then returning to his native Nagasaki shortly before the city was also attacked.

BBC bosses received a letter of complaint from officials at the Japanese embassy and subsequently apologised for the comments, while Fry admitted he hoped to make amends when he visits Japan in February (11), joking, "I'll certainly let my regret (be) known (if they let me in!)."

Fry had been due to film a section of his new BBC TV show Planet Word in Japan, but network bosses have now confirmed the trip has been scrapped.

A BBC spokeswoman says, "Due to the strength of feeling in Japan at this time, we have decided to alter the filming schedule and itinerary of Planet Word."

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