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Royal wedding Dean: 'William & Catherine will be together forever'

Jun 14, 2011 | 5:00am EDT

Reverend Dr. John Hall, the Dean of Westminster Abbey, spent time with the newlyweds when they were discussing the wedding of the year - and he's convinced theirs will be a marriage that lasts, unlike that of William's parents and his Uncle Andrew and Aunt Anne.

Hall says, "I'm very hopeful that this is an absolutely devoted couple. What I saw was the fruits of their years, I think, of knowing and developing a love for each other, their knowledge of each other, of their maturity.

"There were particular moments during the Bishop of London's address where he said, 'You've made your choice, you've made your commitments, you've said I will...' and, at that point, the two of them simply spontaneously... turned to each other and smiled. I thought that was a particularly delightful moment, which I found very encouraging and reassuring.

"My sense... is that this couple will be together 'til death... They're a remarkable couple."

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