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Pastore lashes out at director

Oct 30, 2011 | 3:15pm EDT

The Sopranos star appears in Fusco's upcoming film, but a leaked audio recording of a conversation said to have taken place between the pair indicates Pastore's unhappy about his working conditions.

On the tape, obtained by, a man identified as Pastore shouts, "I knew I needed a f**king close up, and you weren't gonna f**king do it!", before adding, "Keep your f**king $1,000".

He then says, "Now what are you going to do, I'm leaving. Where's my pay, where's my f**king pay? You're f**king with the wrong guy kid. You are f**king me around. You're not listening to me... I'm leaving. You don't pay me now, I'm driving back to New York."

It is unknown when the audio was recorded.

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