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Adams helped Houston shop for clothes

Nov 15, 2011 | 12:15pm EST

The Fighter star worked at the Gap to make ends meet while pursuing her acting career and Adams admits she had one particularly interesting run-in with notoriously private superstar Houston, who grew agitated with the young beauty's attentive service.

She explains, "I worked at the Gap. I was very good at the Gap. I was a full-timer (full-time employee). Very proud... And because of that pride, I was the greeter; I would say hello to everybody... And then we had this thing called the Gap Act... First you greet, which is what I did. Like, 'Hey welcome to the Gap'. Then you approach, like, 'Hey can I help you with anything?' And then it's product information, like, 'Make sure to check out our new colours.'

"Whitney Houston came in. I got bored there sometimes and so I challenged myself that I was going to Gap Act her and act like I didn't know who she was. She requested that I not help her anymore. Smartly.

"I think she went and hid in the dressing room because I was trying to tell her all about our new colours."

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