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Kris Jenner Wants Kourtney To Name Her Baby Kris

Dec 08, 2011 | 7:05am EST

Kris Jenner could not be happier about her daughter Kourtney's recent pregnancy. Not only will this guarantee her family 9 more months of baby coverage, but it also gives her the opportunity to manage another member of her family. In fact, Jenner's already taken it upon herself to to pick out what the baby's name should be, regardless of if it's a boy or a girl. On Wednesday, at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast, Jenner quipped to reporters the baby's name "should be Kris, of course!" The best part is, I can't tell if she said that because it's her own name or because it's also the name of Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband (this is what happens when you decide to only use one letter of the alphabet when naming your family). But knowing this group, it's probably both. And if so, isn't it too soon to be making Kris Humphries jokes? I feel like it's way too soon.

Anyway, Jenner then explained how she's torn about whether she'd rather have a grandson or granddaughter, saying, "Half of me wants it to be two boys or two girls, [because] that's fun for a little playmate. And then, of course you want what they don't already have, but I am happy either way. Just [a] healthy [baby]!" (Or I guess as healthy as any Kardashian offspring can get). And how does the Kardashian matriarch think Mason (Kourtney's nearly 2-year-old son) will respond to having a younger sibling? "I think he is going to be in for the surprise of his life, because he is going to have to share the attention," she said. Something I believe the entire family struggles with on a daily basis.

And while Jenner would love for Kourtney and longtime boyfriend, Scott Disick, to get married, she doesn't "think it's in the cards for them." Or, at least not until ratings drop and they are in desperate need of a headline. See -- Kris isn't the only one who can make jokes.

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