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Madonna Angers Anti-Drug Group With New Album Title

Jan 12, 2012 | 11:39am EST

MadonnaYesterday, Madonna announced the title of her upcoming album, M.D.N.A., which she is set to promote with her halftime performance during the Superbowl. Most of us rolled our eyes and went on with our lives, unconcerned with the potential meaning behind those letters (oh hey, it kind of looks like she abbreviated Madonna - case closed). Apparently, closing that case wasn't in the cards for anti-drug group Canabis Skunk Sense because the spokesperson for the group, Lucy Dawe, told The Sun that she thought naming the album M.D.N.A. was "an ill advised decision."

Putting aside the notion that the anti-drug campaigners' name sounds more like a shop that sells various "tobacco" pipes for "herbal" enthusiasts, the reasoning behind this claim is that Madonna's new album title closely resembles the name of a criminalized drug called MDMA (but you may know it better as Ecstasy, E or X). While the initial shock is understandable, to actually call out against it is a little much. If she had called the album MDMA, sure; but the actual title is an abbreviation of her name and possibly even a trite play on Madonna D.N.A., if you want to get expository about it. (D.N.A., for those of you who learn terms and general information exclusively from big name artists' album covers, is Deoxyribonucleic acid - a.k.a. genetic information. To clarify further, there's no realtion to D.M.T. - "the most hardcore psychadelic drug known to man" - though I can see how that M can be confusing.)

Do you think there's any weight to the group's claim?

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Source: NME

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