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Rachel Bilson Takes on Natalie Portman's 'SNL' Rap In New 'Funny or Die' Video

Jan 18, 2012 | 7:17am EST

Rachel Bilson Rap Hart of Dixie Natalie PortmanAfter sitting through a few episodes of Hart of Dixie, it's understandable to expect very little from Rachel Bilson. But from the looks of her latest Funny or Die video, she really doesn't care. The actress dons a hip hop persona and raps angrily, rivaling Natalie Portman's now famous SNL rap - she even calls Portman out at one point. (To be fair, Portman's video is still the tops, but this one's pretty great too.) Bilson fires back at critics (like me) who hated her show or criticize her acting abilities, and it's pretty hard not to love her for it.

It's one thing to be a mediocre actress, it's another thing to be a mediocre actress, own it, and tell the world you really don't care what they think. Of course, it helps that she's adorable and five-foot-nothing.

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