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Designer Karl Lagerfeld Says Adele is "Too Fat"

Feb 06, 2012 | 12:22pm EST

Karl LagerfeldThis is pretty familiar territory. Designer and Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld is at it again, blasting another famous face for her weight. In 2009, Lagerfeld was quoted saying model Heidi Klum was "too heavy" and "had a big bust" and therefore could never be a runway model. These comments fired up some folks, although not quite as much as his use of fur riled up PETA in 2001 when they famously threw pie at him (and hit Calvin Klein in the process) at New York Fashion Week. The bottom line is Lagerfeld is no stranger to his actions becoming a source of ire, so he should be prepared for the imminent backlash from Adele fans for his recent comment that the singer is "too fat."

In an interview with Paris publication, The Metro, Lagerfeld spoke his mind - very candidly, we might add - about the singer and her iconic appearance: "The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice." Mr. Lagerfeld, that is the equivalent of telling your buddy that his blind date "has a beautiful personality." The compliment about her greatness doesn't do much to outshine the initial dig. Adele has spoken out countless times that she is perfectly comfortable with her body, so it's probably not going to phase her that someone she doesn't know finds issue with her shape. Still, it might be wise for Lagerfeld to look into a public speaking coach - one who can train him to not speak ill of women's bodies. 

Lagerfeld also spoke to The Metro about MIA's middle finger gesture during the Super Bowl halftime show, touting it as as no big deal. Truth be told, the gesture wasn't all that bad - or noticeable - but it seems unwise to take Lagerfeld's word for it, considering he offers up judgments about stars' weights and body shape casually and without much provocation. 

Do you think Lagerfeld went too far with his comments about Adele?

Source: Us Weekly
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