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Rihanna Reunion With Chris Brown Infuriates Fans

Feb 21, 2012 | 5:04am EST

rihannaRihanna and Chris Brown are back together -- well, musically speaking at least -- and fans are not happy about it. The artists recently released two songs together: Rihanna's sexually charged song "Birthday Cake" and Brown's upbeat tune "Turn Up the Music." And while some might be rejoicing at the thought of a Rihanna-Brown reunion, the majority of fans are less than thrilled.

After news broke about the duo's song collaborations, fans took to Twitter to express their disapproval on the matter. One fan tweeted, "It's like an Ike and Tina reunion with less talent," while another person commented, "@rihanna have you forgotten @chrisbrown's fist in your face? Well you haven't let the public forget.....now a new sing together?"

Some fans are even concerned of the message this could be sending to others who have been abused in the past. One tweeter wrote: "@rihanna do you really think this is the right thing to do? I think you are encoraging young woman to comeback to those who beat you!"

So what do you think? Are up open to this Rihanna-Brown reunion or do you think these exes need to just stay away from each other both personally and professionally.

To listen to both both remixes featuring the two singers reunited, check out the audio below.

Click on the picture above for more photos of Rihanna.

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