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Miley Cyrus Responds to Oscar Night Death Threats

Feb 27, 2012 | 11:24am EST

miley cyrusThe Academy Awards is a night no Hollywood star will ever forget. Unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, she'll be remembering the night for all the wrong reasons. Just before stepping out with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to attend a couple of Oscar parties on Feb. 26, the 19-year-old singer was busy lashing out against a few haters on Twitter who wished that she was dead.

But Cyrus isn't one to shy away from hurtful criticism. She immediately took to the social media site and commented on the hurtful remarks, writing, "U have nothing better 2 do than hate? That saddens me. Im surrounded by love Im sorry 4 whatever happened 2 make u so bitter." And although the offensive tweets have now been removed from the site, the artist's responses still remain in tact.

However, she's also partially upset with Twitter in general for allowing such hateful incidents to happen in the first place. She wrote, "I wont tolerate someone telling me 2 die. Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment."

Thankfully, her night wasn't completely ruined by the occurrence. Later on in the evening she tweeted about attending Elton John's AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, posting the message: "Thank you Sir Elton John for such a lovely night! Now to Vanity Fair. I love all the glitz & glam of the oscars & celebrating such talent!" Indeed, there's nothing like a few Oscar parties to help keep your mind off hateful incidents like these.

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Source: Twitter

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