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Prince Harry Races Olympic Gold Medalist in Jamaica

Mar 06, 2012 | 9:47am EST

During a visit to Jamaica, Prince Harry squared off in a race against world-record-holding sprinter Usain Bolt -- and he cheated!

New photos (below) show Harry -- in the Caribbean as part of a tour in honor of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee -- as he gets off to a false start and wisely keeps on running, and later doing the "Lightning Bolt" pose with the Olympic champ.

PUMA athlete Bolt called for a rematch and said: "He cheated. I said we would have a rematch in London 2012 and Harry said, 'I'm busy.' ... He's cool, very down to earth. When you meet dignitaries you think it will be difficult, but he just wanted to laugh -- it was an honor and a pleasure to meet him. I'm still the fastest man in the world, so he has a long way to go."

Source: BBC



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