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Channing Tatum Models Cardigan, Talks Movie Stardom

Mar 14, 2012 | 8:29am EDT

Channing TatumWe love the real Channing Tatum (and how well he pulls off a cardigan—check below for proof), so it's pretty appealing to see him racking up a few different movies that mirror his real life experiences. The obvious case is Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh's developing film based on Tatum's experiences as a 19 year-old stripper (which he discusses here). Another example would be this Friday's release, 21 Jump Street, in which Tatum plays a former high school athlete (and his costar Jonah Hill plays a character based on his high school experiences as well).

Tatum discusses the topic of being a high school "jock" in this month's issue of British GQ Style, on sale now. "Being successful in sports in high school, you take that away, you don’t have that anymore, it’s like... what do you do now? How am I special? I don’t know anymore. You try to find it in other places. You try and excel at other things to get that feeling back of doing good."

Actor and producer Tatum has definitely excelled in Hollywood, but he doesn't feel that he has reached real "movie star" status, or that he ever will. According to Tatum, the days of movie stars are all but over.

"I probably see people do [movie stardom] in a certain way and I don’t want to do it in that certain way. I’m not owed it... I don’t know whether there are movie stars any more. The only movie stars left are the Leos and the Brads. Tom Cruise. I don’t think there’s anyone that has emerged. I’m not being self deprecating and I am meaning myself. It’s the truth, in my opinion."


Whether or not he considers himself a star, the incredibly versatile Tatum is certainly a rising one in our eyes. Catch 21 Jump Street in theaters this Friday, March 16.
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