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Kim Zolciak Releases 'Love Me First' Country Single

Mar 28, 2012 | 12:54pm EDT

kim zolciak2012 is turning out to be a busy year for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak. Not only does she have a new baby on the way (due sometime this summer), but she's also come out with a brand new single to boot, which was debuted on RyanSeacrest.com. And what a treat (sure, we'll go with that) it is.

Unlike her last two club-centric tunes, "Love Me First" has a definite country twang and contains lyrics that supposedly reflect her life experiences from 11 years ago. And while musicality has never really been Zolciak's forte (the song itself contains more talking than actual singing), we couldn't help but notice how well she seems to fit into the country crooner role in so many other ways.

1. She Has the Hair

When it comes to country singing, hair is a big deal — and I mean literally. It's huge. Zolciak is known for her outlandishly big, blonde wigs, so she'd have no trouble channeling the likes of Dolly Parton. In fact, when it comes to hairspray, she may want to start buying in bulk.

2. She's From the South

This probably comes as a shock to absolutely no one, but many country singers are originally from the South. And since Zolciak's from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, she'll be welcome into the fold with open arms. If Gwyneth Paltrow can do it, then so can she.

3. She's Been Plagued With a Tragic Love Life

It would be practically illegal if you tried to belt out a country song without having suffered from a painstaking breakup somewhere along the line. Luckily, this tends to be a Real Housewives specialty, so Zolciak would be able to whip up plenty of material for an entire album, having previously suffered through a divorce with Dan Toce in 2003. So, something good can come out of a tough separation. It's like they say: when one door closes, a country music career opens.

To listen to the full track of "Love Me First," click here.


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