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How to Save a Life: Ryan Gosling Edition

Apr 04, 2012 | 7:21am EDT

ALTIt's confirmed: Ryan Gosling is a handsome talent-robot sent from the future to make super awesome movies and do sexy, heroic things that set impossible standards for any mere mortal to compete with. (You had a good run, men of Earth.)

Following up his 2011 Citizens of New York City Rescue Mission, in which he broke up a fight in the middle of a bustling downtown Manhattan street, a moment that quickly went viral, Gosling is apparently at it again with another suave superhero moment.

It all happened on Tuesday, April 3 when British journalist Laurie Penny tweeted "I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. Literally. That actually just happened." She went on to explain, "I was crossing 6th avenue in a new pink wig. Not looking the right way because I am from London. Ryan Gosling grabbed me away from a taxi." (In other news, women of New York City may begin recklessly tempting their fate by stepping into traffic on 6th Avenue in the vain hope that "the guy from The Notebook shows up.")

Penny, who joked "He did not say 'hey, girl.' He said 'hey, watch out!'," admitted to followers she didn't even realize it was the world's most famous meme-generator rescuing her life at first: "Identity of no-idea-if-actually-a-manarchist-but-definitely-a-decent-sort Ryan Gosling confirmed by girl near me, who said 'you lucky b**ch.'" Indeed.

Still, while Penny is no doubt considering herself lucky for not becoming a human pancake (she also thanked "the several other, more anonymous New Yorkers who have saved me from cars since my stay here"), she's quickly learning the pitfalls of being connected to one of the most pined-after men in the world: The guy gets a lot of attention. As evidenced by Penny's tweet on Wednesday, "EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CALM DOWN ABOUT RYAN GOSLING NOW.....No seriously. My phone and email have been going crazy with media requests all night and all morning and it's getting silly now." Hey girl, all things considered, you're still pretty lucky and you've got one hell of a story to dine out on for the rest of your life.

Is Ryan Gosling real, or is he simply a collective mirage created by women everywhere? What will he save next? A kitten from a tree? The economy? Our souls? Sound off in the comments section!

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