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James Franco Sings Selena Gomez's 'Love Song' — Video

Apr 09, 2012 | 3:24am EDT

It looks like Selena Gomez and James Franco are doing more than braiding each other's hair during their down time on the set of Spring Breakers. Over the weekend, the K-Fed impersonator posted a video of himself singing Gomez's "Love You Like a Love Song" on his WhoSay account. It's unclear if it's Gomez holding the camera during Franco's hilarious performance, but it would be funny to imagine that she's the one giggling at the end of the clip. 

Nothing Franco says or does should surprise anyone at this point — but who knew that he followed the music careers' of Disney starlets so closely? Then again, plenty of celebrities have proven they have a wide knowledge of what the kids are listening to these days. Judging from these performances, they're who you should call if you need someone to translate one of your teen's text messages.

Ryan Gosling Sings the "My Little Pony" Theme

America's most charming man strikes again, singing a song he learned from his young co-star on the set of Blue Valentine. From getting along with kids, to practicing ballet, to saving lives, this dude's only mode is "ovary-busting."

Josh Hutcherson Sings the Super Mario Bros. Theme

Hutcherson and the adorable Peeta seem to have a lot in common. Much like Peeta's passion for cake decorating, Hutcherson's ability to sing video game tunes probably didn't score him many dates in high school.

Evan Rachel Wood Sings Justin Bieber's "U Smile"

It's known that the Across the Universe Star can really belt out a song. What wasn't known was that she's a huge Belieber.

Christian Bale Sings the Powerpuff Girls Theme

Christian Bale's one of the only guys who has the right to hum the tune from Batman as he's suiting up every morning. Instead, he's singing the theme to The Powerpuff Girls.

Twilight Stars Sing Miley Cyrus' "See You Again"

This is why Bella and Jacob couldn't be together. She needs a man who's brave enough to look into the camera when he's singing Miley Cyrus tunes.

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