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Sinead O’Connor Cancels Tour Following a Breakdown

Apr 24, 2012 | 5:06am EDT

sinead o'connorSinead O’Connor has gone through a public battle with Bipolar disorder throughout the years, and now it appears to be effecting her career. The Irish singer recently posted a message on her website, saying that she is canceling her 2012 tour due to the illness.

"With enormous regret I must announce that I have to cancel all touring for the year as am very unwell due to bi polar disorder," the online statement reads. "As you all know I had a very serious breakdown between December and March and I had been advised by my doctor not to go on tour but didn't want to 'fail' or let anyone down as the tour was already booked to coincide with album release. So very stupidly I ignored his advice to my great detriment, attempting to be stronger than I actually am. I apologize sincerely for any difficulties this may cause."

O'Connor has faced many difficulties over the past year. After her third divorce (in April 2011), the star took to her blog and posted a public plea for sex after pictures of her looking overweight surfaced. In the message, she said she was desperately looking for someone to have sex with — a person who "must be blind enough to think I'm gorgeous."

But O'Connor's problems didn't end there. She got married for her fourth time in December 201 to an man — Irish therapist Barry Herridge — that she met on the internet. 17 days later, she announced that their marriage had ended, noting that they "lived together for 7 days only."

Hopefully now with the cancellation of her tour, O'Connor will be able to take some time for herself and get on a path to recovery.


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