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Sinead O'Connor: I Would Have Committed Suicide If I Didn't Cancel My Tour

May 09, 2012 | 4:42pm EDT

ALTLast month Sinead O'Connor was forced to cancel the rest of her 2012 tour dates due to her ongoing battle with biopolar disorder. In a lengthy letter posted on her website today, she explains that she feels her management wasn't handling her illness properly. The singer even says conflicts with her team caused her to consider suicide. "I actually contemplated jumping out of a moving taxi because of the way in which I was being spoken to and treated by my management," she says.

O'Connor accuses her manager Fachtna O'Ceallaigh of making a demanding tour schedule without consulting her first. "It is of course accurate to state Fachtna is the best music BUSINESS manager alive," O'Connor writes. "However being a manager involves more than setting up the business end of things in the fantastic way he absolutely did. It involves caring for your client on a personal level and being above all the best friend your client has in the lonely and exploitative world of show business." She adds that those around her gave no consideration to her mental health. "I was treated as if it was my own fault I wasn't managing and I was responsible for it," she says. "Expectations of me were unreasonable in my opinion and even at times inhumane."

There have been numerous signs in the past year that O'Connor's mental health was deteriorating. Following her third divorce in April 2011, she posted on her blog seeking someone to have sex with. Then in December she married a man she met online and had only known for three months. They only lived together for seven days before filing for divorce.

The situation came to a head in March when O'Ceallaigh said that O'Connor had never suffered from mental illness when filling out her U.S. work visa application. Since her issues with bipolar disorder and PTSD have been widely reported, the U.S. Embassy in London brought O'Connor in for questioning and had a doctor evaluate her. The same doctor is still treating O'Connor, and she says, "Once again I have reason to love Americans as the kindest people on earth."


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