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Katy Perry Sings 'Wide Awake' at Billboard Awards

May 20, 2012 | 5:27pm EDT

Katy PerryIt is appropriate that Katy Perry’s new song, “Wide Awake” (which she performed for the first time at the 2012 Billboard Awards), is quite literally about dreaming. From the looks of the trailer, the music artist’s forthcoming 3D concert film Part of Me is all about her personal and professional dreams becoming a reality. It’s uplifting to know that this theme carries powerfully through her new original pieces of music.

Perry performed “Wide Awake” before a backdrop of cartoon clouds in a night sky, seated throughout upon a swing that rose, dropped and spun repeatedly. In concordance with the set design, Perry’s song is a bit softer, slower and deeper than the majority of her hits. Nonetheless, “Wide Awake” embraces the inimitable spirit of Katy Perry, thriving on her lively, ambitious character.

The swing-bound choreography and the gentle lilt of the song contributed significantly to everything Part of Me seems to be out to prove — foremost, Perry is not a celebrity or a singer. She’s a dreamer. She launched to stardom thanks to the power and the influence of her dreams. Luckily, she is in no hurry to discard the image of herself she kept from before she was known internationally. In fact, she’s hanging onto it quite rigidly. Katy Perry’s humanity is vigilant in “Wide Awake.”

Really, “Wide Awake” is a victory for the young artist. It’s different enough to provide a testament to Perry’s versatility, but “Perry enough” to prove that there is something special and recognizable about everything she creates. If the rest of her new material holds up to this degree of authenticity (and, simply, good old fashion catchiness), then Part of Me, and the future of Perry’s career altogether, will be nothing short of majesty.

[Photo Credit: Daily Celeb/David Edwards]


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