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'SATC' Star Cynthia Nixon Marries Longtime Girlfriend 

May 28, 2012 | 6:16am EDT


Cynthia Nixon finally made it official: the Emmy-winning actress, best known to the masses as Miranda from Sex and the City, has married her girlfriend Christine Marioni after their three-year engagement. (We couldn't help but wonder, if it had been another two years, would it have gotten the movie treatment, too?)

According to People, Nixon, 46, and Marinoni, 45, wed on Sunday, May 27 in New York. The couple, who have been dating since 2004, have a 1-year-old son Max together. (Nixon has two other children from a previous relationship.) In a statement given to People by her rep, "Nixon wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera" to the long-awaited nuptials. Carrie would be so proud.

The wedding came as an especially joyous one for the couple, who became engaged at a time when same-sex marriage was not yet legal in the state of New York. Nixon, who was recently seen on Broadway in the cancer drama Wit (which earned her a Tony nomination,) told Newsweek in 2011 after that law was changed, "As a nation, I think we're at a turning point in the fight for marriage equality. For the first time, a majority of Americans say gay people should be allowed to be married – not just allowed to have civil uniones, but marry. The distinction is important: when you say to somebody, 'This is my wife' or 'This is my husband,' everybody understands." 

So congrats Cynthia, on starting the next chapter with your wife Christine. 

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