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Chris Hemsworth and Baby Daughter: What’s Bigger — Bicep or Baby? PIC

Jul 03, 2012 | 11:26am EDT

This definitely sparks some ideas for a movie! The below picture of Chris Hemsworth and his baby daughter India Rose, born May 11, might first inspire a few laughs at the size difference between the gigantic Australian actor and his new offspring. But if you take a long enough look at the snapshot, you'll realize something: it works. In the past, great stories have been founded on the friendship between someone tiny and someone huge — think of Roald Dahl's BFG, the Billy Crystal movie My Giant, or Rocky and Mugsy from Looney Tunes. The size discrepancy might be worth working into Hemsworth's future films.

Think about it. Imagine Thor 2, wherein the Asgardian god is charged with taking care of a superhuman baby who can't control her powers yet. Or Snow White and the Huntsman 2: the rugged mercenary must transport Snow's baby girl across the Dark Forest to get her safely to the care of her mother after she's been kidnapped by a vengeful witch. Or consider Cabin in the Woods 2: jock Curt must evade the tropes of father-daughter horror flicks with his young daughter in tow... with the help of a newly sober Marty as babysitting partner! Any one of these could work, right?

Chris Hemsworth

[Photo Credit: FameFlynet]


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Chris Hemsworth

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