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Chris Brown's 'Fortune': The 5 Most Brutal Reviews

Jul 04, 2012 | 4:40pm EDT

Chris Brown Album

When he's not getting in club fights or ripping his shirt off on GMAChris Brown makes music. And it used to be really, really good music. 

But his uneven new album, Fortune (still overshadowed by that whole Rihanna incident) are inspiring some pretty creative jabs from reviewers. 

Here, five of the worst, meanest lines:

“It’s supposed to be sexy, but it comes across like something you’ll hear in a fitting room at Marshall’s.” — Huffington Post

“['Biggest Fan'] is the ickiest sex jam yet…the opening alone crossing the TMI line.” — Billboard  

"Fortune is never terrible. It just feels cripplingly pointless" — BBC

"Brown wants us to accept him as both a bad boy and a rehabilitated lover, a difficult proposition made more challenging by goofy moves like singing, "You're my biggest fan / I want you to holla" to his coital companion while accompanied by an actual cheering audience." — Spin

"Fortune is the kind of record that will please Brown's many deluded female fans, but we cannot with good conscience give it a single star." — MusicOmh  

What do you think? Will you still buy it?

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