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Lindsay Lohan Duped by Phoney Lewis

Nov 18, 2005 | 11:35am EST

A man pretending to be former Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis has broken actress-turned-pop star Lindsay Lohan's heart by convincing her he was in love with her.

New York Daily News reporter Lloyd Grove decided to uncover the mystery of Lohan's hatred for Lewis, who is dating actress Rosario Dawson, after the Mean Girls star told him, "I think Jason Lewis is a creep" at a recent party.

Grove discovered a mystery man had been calling Lohan, pretending to be Lewis, and courting her by email.

Lohan then invited the fake Lewis to a club last week and the phoney appeared. A spokeswoman for Lohan confirms the actress was "duped" but insisted she had no interest in stealing Rosario Dawson's boyfriend.

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