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Jennifer Aniston Terrified of Gangster Paparazzi

Dec 15, 2005 | 6:57am EST

Jennifer Aniston has grown terrified of taking to the streets of Los Angeles in her car because she is being followed by hardened criminals who will do anything to get a snap of her.

The former Friends star admits she's horrified when she looks in her rear-view mirror and sees gangs of ruthless paparazzi trying to track her down—using any means necessary.

She reveals, "They're just so reckless. If I drive really slowly and watch what's happening behind me, these men are driving on sidewalks, they're cutting through intersections. It's very weird.

"Now they are hiring gang members. It's a whole new breed. There's this whole new photo agency that's been started... and they are basically hiring retired gangsters.

"They're told they just need to shoot a picture. They don't have to have any photography school. They just have to know how to be aggressive and scare the s**t out of people and get the picture."

In other paparazzi news, movie icon Shirley MacLaine is keen to expose the Hollywood restaurants that encourage staff to tip of the paparazzi when celebrity diners arrive.

The actress has launched an investigation to find out how much waiters and bar staff at certain Hollywood hotspots get paid for calling in tips about stars.

MacLaine admits she's horrified by the media's interest in modern movie stars, and she feels it's time to expose the people who make their lives a misery.

She says, "These restaurants, particularly in Malibu, they (tipsters) get $600 a call.

"I did my little investigation, and that's what they get. They do the call if Britney Spears and the dancer (Kevin Federline) show up."

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