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Arnold Schwarzenegger Introduces New Paparazzi Law

Jan 03, 2006 | 6:03am EST

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has wreaked his revenge on the state's paparazzi, who once ran him and his family off the road during a chase, by introducing a new law.

The former movie star passed a New Year bill restricting hardcore photographers from harming the public.

The bill, which became law on Jan. 1, makes anyone who commits assault in an attempt to get a photograph/video recording liable to pay triple damages and give up profits from the photograph.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Bill Hodgman, who advised Reese Witherspoon when she recently filed charges against an over-zealous paparazzi who ruined a family trip to Disneyland, welcomes the new law.

Hodgman urges all celebrities who become victims of ruthless photographers to contact his office.

He says, "We encourage them to come to us with their complaints and then co-operate with us in an effort to bring these people to justice."

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