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Jack Nicholson's Reported Lovechild Speaks Out

Jan 06, 2006 | 7:41am EST

Movie star Jack Nicholson has a secret Danish lovechild who is speaking out about her Hollywood lineage after keeping the movie star's reported secret for 24 years.

Pretty Honey Hollman claims she's the product of a romance between the As Good As It Gets star and one-time supermodel Winnie Hollman.

The Danish 24-year-old tells tabloid National Enquirer that she regularly visits her famous father in Los Angeles, even though reclusive Nicholson has never publicized the fact he has a Scandinavian daughter.

Hollman says, "My dad's never been a stranger. When I was a kid, my mom took me to see him and when I got older I went on my own... I think we have a regular father/daughter relationship.

"We have similar facial features and my mom says I have the same temper as him... I scream and shout a lot."

The Dane insists she won't be following her father into the movie world: "I think it would be too hard, being judged on my background all the time."

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