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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Timeline of Relationship Rumors

Jul 24, 2012 | 7:01am EDT

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Did you hear that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting married?! No, you didn’t? Well, neither did Pattinson, who addressed the recent claims by OK! magazine that he and his Twilight costar/girlfriend are tying the knot in a new interview with Blackbook magazine. “There was a magazine, with these pictures, saying I was getting married,” Pattinson told Blackbook. “No one ever knows what is true or what isn’t. Even my own mum called to ask me if it was true.”

This is hardly the first time that rumors have spread about Pattinson and Stewart. Since they started dating (in fact, even before they officially announced that they were dating), magazines and internet-savvy Twi-hards have been talking up a storm about them. For your enjoyment, here is a timeline of rumored events in the couple’s life so far:

August 2009: Rumors spread across the internet on August 19 that Robert Pattinson tragically died of a heroin overdose. Luckily, he is a vampire, so he was unaffected by said heroin overdose and lived on to make three more Twilight movies.

September 2009: Engagement number one. According to OK! magazine, got engaged in 2009. Well, where was Stewart's engagement ring.

May 2010: Engagement two. Nearly a year later, the Twilight stars were engaged, and this time, the engagement included a proposal on the Eclipse set. (Reported by OK!)

May 2010: Pregnancy. OK! ran a cover story saying that Pattinson told Oprah that Kristen Stewart was pregnant. This is, in fact, true — he did say that. However, it was a joke, and the magazine even acknowledges that it was a joke in the article itself.

June 2010: Rumors circulated the internet on June 13 that this time, both Pattinson and Stewart had died potentially of a heroin overdoses. A consensus on their cause of death was never reached, most likely because they were still living.

December 2011: Congratulations, you two! According to InTouch magazine, the couple was secretly married in England last year.

June 2012: Engagement number three. Could this one be charmed? According to OK!, the couple’s planned wedding will take place in either Brazil or California, and Pattinson will write and play a song at the ceremony.

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