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Carmen Electra Stays in Shape with Miracle Drug

Aug 11, 2006 | 4:55am EDT

Newly single Carmen Electra has a recipe for success that she insists will help her stay toned and sexy as she fights to divorce estranged husband Dave Navarro.

The actress/model, 34, has discovered a miracle weight-loss and beauty pill that helps her fight the flab even on days when she's at her lowest.

She says, "My secret is NV."

The pill features energy formula hoodia and green tea, which helps speed up the metabolism.

The man behind the miracle pill, Brad Woodgate, insists Electra couldn't have been a better choice to endorse NV.

He says, "She truly personifies the NV woman: empowered, confident and sexy."

And to make sure she shapes up naturally and works out her spiritual side at the same time, Electra has also adopted a strict yoga schedule.

She says, "Yoga's been very good for me, just sort of breathing and relaxing and clearing my head."

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