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Get the Gold Medal in Meme with These LOLympics Pictures

Jul 30, 2012 | 11:27am EDT

There is so much to love about the Olympics: the dedication of the athletes, the victory of the underdog, the never-moving hair of Bob Costas. But there is one thing that the Olympics really aren't. They're not very funny. There is no gold medal for comedy and there is no Miss Congeniality in the all-around gymnastics competition. No, the Olympics are very, very serious business.

I'm hoping to change that. Using the silliest of internet memes, the LOLCats that are scattered on the daffier corners of the internet, as inspiration, here is my first day of LOLympics, where I put stupid captions on silly pictures from the games. Here are your first four! Enjoy. ALT




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[Photo credit: Getty Images]


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