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Lindsay Lohan's Purse and Possessions Returned

Sep 09, 2006 | 7:27am EDT

Lindsay Lohan has offered a heartfelt thank you to the paparazzo who found her missing purse with nearly $1 million of possessions still intact.

Darryn Lyons assisted police at Heathrow Airport and helped to locate the pricey Hermes Birkin bag that contained "a quantity of jewelry."

Lohan's attorney Michael David Heller said, "Lindsay wants to say a massive thank you to Mr. Paparazzi Darryn Lyons for handing back her bag to her today after his paparazzi film crew helped catch the thief and return her belongings.

"She feels that maybe justice has been served, and karma may have played a role in the return of her bag today given that the paparazzi are usually a pest to her and today they have been a godsend."

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