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Denis Leary Sings 'The Mel Gibson Blues'

Nov 24, 2006 | 7:56am EST

Actor/comedian Denis Leary has lampooned disgraced Hollywood star Mel Gibson in a song boasting anti-Semitic views and a fondness for tequila.

Gibson, who courted controversy earlier this year with a racist tirade at a Jewish highway patrolman arresting him for drunk driving, is branded a Holocaust denier and alcoholic in the Rescue Me star's ditty, reports PageSix.com.

Leary sings, "I like to drink, I like to drive / I like to think that all the Jews got out of the Holocaust alive / My name is Mel, and can't you tell / I like tequila / I like a bagel, and I like lox / I've worked with Jews all over Hollywood, from Paramount to Fox / They kinda smell, they're goin' to hell / I like tequila."

Leary  debuted “The Mel Gibson Blues” at the New York Comedy Festival earlier this month.

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