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Chad Lowe Lowe Shocked by Hilary Swank's 'Vanity Fair' Interview

Nov 25, 2006 | 8:37am EST

Chad Lowe was shocked when estranged wife Hilary Swank revealed intimate details about his struggle with substance abuse to Vanity Fair magazine earlier this year.

The couple were married for nearly nine years before announcing they were divorcing in May.

Lowe tells entertainment news show Extra he was caught off-guard by her comments, saying, "It has been a tough year and not something I expected. It's very humbling.

"I was disappointed that the details of our relationship became public. They were absolutely true, absolutely true. I've been sober for three and a half years and very grateful for that."

Although the Million Dollar Baby actress went public about the details regarding the breakdown of their marriage, Lowe still has feelings for Swank.

He says, "She was the love of my life and that's not something you just shut off. I will always love her."

"I am so grateful to Hilary for her support of me in a very difficult time in my life three and a half years ago. What hurt me more than anything is that people would think that she wasn't there for me and she was."

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