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Kate Middleton Wins: French Judge Bans Further Publication of Topless Pics

Sep 18, 2012 | 3:54am EDT

Kate Middleton topless pics

Kate Middleton had a major win on Tuesday when a French judge granted her an injunction preventing the further publication of topless pics of the Duchess of Cambridge, the UK's MailOnline reports. The ruling in favor of the royal family prevents the French magazine Closer — which first published the pics of Middleton sunbathing in her bikini sans a top — from distributing, selling, or printing the compromising shots.

While the magazine can no longer print the photos (or additional copies of the controversial issue), the ruling also requires that the pictures be taken down from the magazine's website. The pictures also cannot be published in any other French publication — and a judge has forbidden the publication from selling the images across the world. Closer has 24 hours from Tuesday's ruling to hand over the pictures to the royal family. If this isn't done in the said time frame, the magazine will be fined 10,000 euros. And if the magazine decides to disobey the ruling and sell or print the pics, it will also be fined the same amount for each day that it doesn't adhere to the court's injunction. Middleton is also to be awarded 2,000 euros in legal fees.

Prince William and Middleton have also filed a criminal complaint for the invasion of their privacy. This could cause Closer to be fined 36,000 pounds and the editor in charge of the issue to serve a year in prison. Additionally, the royals have filed against "persons unknown" — the photographer that took the inappropriate shots in the first place. This person has yet to be identified.

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