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Samuel L. Jackson Says: 'Wake the F**k Up!' 

Sep 27, 2012 | 1:20pm EDT

ALTLast summer, the legendary bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson took his talents to the realm of “children’s” literature by narrating the audio version of Adam Mansbach's profanity-ridden lullaby, Go The F**k To Sleep. The book, which was styled after Margaret Wise Brown's classic bedtime tale Goodnight Moon and described as a "children's book for adults," chronicles the challenge parents and babysitters alike face when their kids just won't go the f**k to sleep. (Which is literally the worst thing. Ever.) And now that election season is upon us, Jackson has made an about face on his message — he wants Americans to Wake the F--k Up!

His new video (NSFW...but do we really need to warn you?) tells the story of a little girl who is frustrated when her family -- who was so proactive a mere four years ago in the presidential election -- doesn't seem to care about the upcoming showdown between Obama and Romney.

While his video is very clearly pro-Obama (arguably more anti-Romney than pro-Obama), it reminds us that regardless of whether you will be voting Democrat or Republican this November, everyone needs to wake the f--k up and know the issues. We may argue on every other facet of politics, but that's one thing we can agree upon.

[Photo Credit: WTFU2012.com]


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