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Tom Hanks Drops the 'F' Bomb on Live TV, Remains As Endearing As Ever 

Oct 19, 2012 | 7:05am EDT

Tom HanksIt is scientifically impossible to get upset with Tom Hanks. No, really. Even after you plunked down good money to see Larry Crowne or when he got that terrible Da Vinci Code haircut or even that time America had to shield its precious ears from the dreaded f-word on an early Friday morning, the man is a national treasure. And even when he's done something "wrong," you just can't be mad at the guy. 

Hanks made a blunder, albeit a completely endearing one, when he accidentally dropped the f-bomb during a visit to Good Morning America. The actor was promoting his latest film, the visually stunning early Oscar contender Cloud Atlas, when co-host Elizabeth Vargas asked the Oscar-winner to do his bumbling British gangster voice from the film. While Hanks warned Vargas that the accent "mostly..swear words," the GMA anchor insisted and when the actor slipped back into character he accidentally let the f-word slip, too. 

America's Dad was visibly embarrassed and remorseful about the slip-up (Woody himself made sure to "apologize to the kids of America who are watching right now") and joked that the next time he visits the show he'll be on a seven second delay. "I have never done that before," a sincere Hanks told Vargas and GMA viewers. Hey, as far as morning show blunders go, this is one of the least offensive ones. Watch the moment below and see if you agree that the f-bomb accident actually makes you like Hanks more. If that's even scientifically possible. 

See? Harmless. And if you ever wanted to know the power of Tom Hanks' likability/forgivability, the Parents Television Council, who don't like or forgive anybody because they just want everyone to please think of the children directed their dismay at ABC, not the actor, for the live television mishap. PTC Director of Public Policy Dan Isett said in a statement on Friday, "Once again, a morning news show has allowed the harshest profanity to be broadcast into every living room and breakfast table in the country. This is just another in a long, sad string of similar instances where all of the major network morning shows have permitted this inappropriate and offensive content. These cannot and must not be dismissed as ‘mistakes,’ and it’s time for the networks to step up, take responsibility for what they broadcast, and ensure that this never happens again." 

You know who doesn't ruin your breakfast? Tom F**king Hanks, that's who. 

[Photo credit: ABC] 


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