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Sister-in-Law Slams Demi Moore & Reveals Miscarriage News

Jul 19, 2007 | 4:27am EDT

Demi Moore's sister-in-law has made sensational claims the actress suffered a miscarriage in 2005.

Pregnancy rumors have dogged the Ghost star and husband Ashton Kutcher for the past 18 months, and now Lesley Guynes has come forward with what she insists is the truth.

Guynes, who is estranged from Moore's half-brother Morgan, claims the actress is helping her ex gain custody of their 6-year-old twins--because she is desperate for young children of her own.

Guynes, who is seeking full custody of sons, Cooper and Oliver, as part of a messy divorce battle with Morgan, tells tabloid Star she believes 44-year-old Moore, who has three teenage daughters, is contributing to her estranged husband's legal fees, so she can help him raise his kids in Los Angeles.

Lesley, who wants the twins to stay with her in Georgia, says, "I think Demi is getting too old to have kids of her own.

"Demi and Ashton have been trying (to have a child) for years. She had a miscarriage two years ago... Now she is trying to get her hands on my kids...

"I think there is some kind of codependency. Demi has been bankrolling Morgan so that she can stay involved with all his offspring and keep all of her little flock close. She's a piece of work."

Guynes' claims are part of a four-page exclusive in the new issue of Star, which features family photographs of Moore with her sons.

The actress' representatives have dismissed Guynes' argument that the actress is trying to make any claim on the boys.


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