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Google Maps is Now a Downloadable App, So You'll Never Have to Open Apple Maps Again

Dec 13, 2012 | 12:40pm EST


Good news for you holdouts who refused to update your iPhones to the newest iOS for fear of losing your beloved Google Maps to Apple's inferior Maps app -- Google Maps has launched as a downloadable app for all your directing needs.

That means public transportation info, walking directions, street view, and never worrying that you'll be directed through a park or off an exit ramp that doesn't actually exist.

An added bonus: the new downloadable Google Maps features a robotic lady who announces your turn-by-turn directions.

As you might recall, an Apple exec resigned after Maps launched to universal ridicule an outraged that such a flawed product could be released. CEO Tim Cook even apologized for the flub, recommending several alternatives to his own company's product.

So, iOS 5 users, feel free to upgrade to iOS 6 without fear. Your trusted Google Maps are back and better than ever.

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[PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]


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