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‘Star Wars’ Director George Lucas Engaged to Mellody Hobson

Jan 03, 2013 | 12:05pm EST

George Lucas Engaged

Cue the "Cantina Band" song! Filmmaking legend George Lucas has proposed to his girlfriend of seven years Mellody Hobson — and of course she said yes. That’s right, Star Wars fans, HuffPost Celebrity reports that your fearless leader is now engaged to a successful and stunning businesswoman.

This will not be Lucas’ first walk down aisle. The 68-year-old director was previously married to Marcia Lucas before their split in 1983. This will be Hobson’s first marriage.

The 43-year-old Hobson is president of Ariel Investments LLC, a large Chicago-based investment management firm said to be worth $3 billion. She could probably buy the Death Star, a dozen Jedi Starfighters and still have change over for a couple hundred battle droids! Woah sorry, our inner geek was showing there for a second.

No news on how Lucas popped the question, but fingers crossed there were Ewoks involved. One thing we know for sure: the force is strong with this couple.

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